Elements of one-layer precast concrete walls can be attached to the structure or they can be self-bearing ones. When using one-layer external wall panels in construction works additional heat insulation will be required. They are also applied as bearing and non-bearing external walls, partition walls. Practically, architectural design of one-layer walls is unlimited.

Optimal length of one-layer wall is 7 m, height - 3 m, overall wall width - 200 mm. On customer‘s request, potential maximum dimensions can be: length – 13 m, height – 4.2 m, overall wall thickness - 300 mm.


Three-layer precast concrete walls are manufactured at the factory with insulation material (The material used for thermal insulation may be mineral wool, PIR, PUR or EPS), the thickness of which is selected to resistance wished by the customer. All these layers are joint by special links. In addition, precast concrete walls feature tightness and heat accumulation property, therefore to heat the building less energy is consumed. Scand Beton offers various options of outer wall elements surface finishing.

External three-layer wall slab consists of three layers:

  • internal load-bearing precast concrete layer, the thickness of which is 100 mm to 150 mm;
  • internal thermal insulation layer, the thickness of which is 50 mm to 300 mm;
  • external finishing precast concrete layer, the thickness of which is 60 - 100 mm.


Three-layer sandwich socle panels are a successful solution of socle part, therefore they are widely used in the construction of various concrete and steel-structure buildings.

Panels consist of inner bearing/non-bearing concrete layer (up to 150 mm), heat insulation layer (100­ – 200 mm) and finishing layer (70-100 mm). They are manufactured in length up to 10 m and height up to 0.5-2.75 m. Socle panels prevent buildings from cold-bridge and they are shock-proof against various unexpected impacts, such as stroke of motor transport, as well as they protect against breaking in the building.

  • internal load-bearing precast concrete layer, the thickness of which is 70 mm to 150 mm;
  • internal thermal insulation layer, the thickness of which is 50 mm to 200 mm;
  • external finishing precast concrete layer, the thickness of which is 60 - 100 mm.


Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes, with rectangular or circular cross-section. Precast concrete columns and beams are part of our total precast frame solution but can also be used independently. Concrete surface is smooth and edges are rounded. Precast concrete consoles and supports are available to securely connect columns and beams, whether standard or prestressed, to other building elements.


Stairs and landings made from precast concrete are widely used for residential, commercial and other type house construction, because they are manufactured at the factory, and delivered to the construction site ready for assembling. Usually stairs are manufactured as separate precast elements of slab and platform. It is possible to order platform and slab as a complete element. Flights of stairs and landings – are manufactured in accordance with customer‘s wishes.


Balconies can be designed and manufactured to suit any architectural and/or structural design, delivered and installed at the highest standard. This contrasts to an on-site casting which can be inaccurate and where finishes are prone to be affected by adverse weather conditions, sometimes requiring additional remedial work. Cold bridging can be overcome by incorporating an insulated balcony connector (thermal break) as part of the balcony connecting kit. Specific requirements also can be applied to manufacturing process, such as railing fixing sockets and built in drainage.


Building with prefabricated foundation blocks boosts efficiency, the speed of completion and consistent quality of the finished product. Pre-fab elements can shorten the time needed for a project. On-site labour can be significantly reduced.


SCAND BETON was supplying custom designed reinforced concrete TT slabs to the residential apartment building park in FAROE ISLANDS. Delivery was carried out in a record short time – less than a month. Extremely long TT slabs were manufactured according to the customers specification – the maximum length of the product was 16.5 meters.



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